Friday, November 9, 2007

Baby hedgehogs


Baby hedgehogs are born approximately four and a half weeks after becoming pregnant. Although the timing is variable (compared with other mammals), the births are mostly in June and July. The variation can be explained by cold periods in early spring can cause the female to return to hibernation for a while. One theory proposes that during this period the development of her embryos could be temporarily slowed down and the birth of her babies slightly delayed. It is not uncommon for mothers who either rear early litters or lose their first family to conceive again - but these second litters may be born as late as September, and so have little chance of surviving the winter.

The babies are born into a nest similar to the one in which the mother hibernates in, except for being larger. It is made mostly of leaves and grass, but may contain anything that the hedgehog may drag back to the site. The nest doesn't include any special lining material, but by treading and turning around the mother produces a soft, comfortable interior. If the nest is disturbed soon after the birth, the mother will either abandon them, or sometimes will eat them. When they are older she may react by transferring them to another nest.

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