Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Socializing Your Baby


You will need to scoop your hedgehog up from underneath and take him out of the cage. To help wake your hedgehog up place him in your hand and tickle the top of his back until he opens up. While standing up, place him on your tummy face down to the floor and gently start petting his quills down but petting upward toward your head with one hand at a time. This is usually really helpful for me. Your hedgehog will need to be held at least once a day for 45 minutes to an hour to ensure good temperament.

The more you hold you hedgie the more social he will be. Hogets will go though quilling as a baby and up to 6 months. Quilling is when hedgehogs lose there baby quills and new stronger adult quills are coming through the skin. So it isn't uncommon for your hedgehog to get grumpy off and on until he he completely though quilling. Hedgehogs that are quilling will have some quill loss, you will see a few here and there but you shouldn't see any bold spots. If you look closely at his skin during this time you can see quills coming though the skin. His back will be tender and this is what causes him to be huffier then normal. You will still need to give him plenty of holding time, just be sure to play with him gently so you don't irritate his skin. Bathing your hedgehog in warm water can help with some of the discomfort

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