Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Hedgehogs are susceptible to liver problems because their domestic diet often contains too much fat. Additionally, cancer is a big cause of death. Hedgehogs can develop stress-induced bowel irritability (green or runny feces being a symptom).
You may also notice your aging hedgehog develop what's known as wobbly hedgehog syndrome, where the characteristic gait of a hedgehog becomes wobbly and uncertain. A hedgehog's average domestic lifespan hovers around seven or eight years. To ensure that your hedgehog enjoys the fullest, healthiest possible life, it is your responsibility to find a good veterinarian and schedule occasional check-ups for your hedgehog (perhaps once every couple years). If you notice irregular behavior, loss of appetite, difficulty moving or defecating, eye or nose discharge, or other physical changes (temperature, skin health), consult a veterinarian and schedule an appointment.

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